2012 Election

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ITES: Final Swing State Thoughts

This is the final entry in “It’s the Economy, Stupid” a 15-part series analyzing the local economic news in five swing states. For more than 100 days this series presented and analyzed the economic news of five swing states from the five regions of the country. Excluding this final post, just fewer than 17,600 words … Continue reading

“It’s the Economy, Stupid” – Intro to Blogging 2012 Swing States

This is the first entry in “It’s the Economy, Stupid” a 15-part series analyzing the local economic news in five swing states. If the acrimonious debt ceiling debate of this past summer, the maneuverings and failure of the Super Committee this past fall, and the pivoting and re-pivoting to “jobs, jobs, JOBS,” by every presidential candidate has not … Continue reading