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Compulsory Licensing in the Context of India’s March 2012 Nexavar® Decision

A research paper for HNRS 302-001 Legal Issues in Globalization. It addresses the history of international intellectual property rights protection, the extension of that protection to pharmaceutical products, and the justifiable compulsory license issued by India for Nexavar® in March 2012. Written 17 April 2012. I. Introduction On March 9, 2012 the Indian Controller of … Continue reading

Chapter Keeps Abroad Brothers in the Loop

This article was originally published in the spring 2012 issue of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal. One chapter was challenged by a striking statistic: more than one half of American University undergraduate students choose to study abroad. The constant outflow of older brothers to distant schools and continents could have destabilized the brotherhood. New members would … Continue reading

ITES: Final Swing State Thoughts

This is the final entry in “It’s the Economy, Stupid” a 15-part series analyzing the local economic news in five swing states. For more than 100 days this series presented and analyzed the economic news of five swing states from the five regions of the country. Excluding this final post, just fewer than 17,600 words … Continue reading