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Disconnected Streets and the Effect on Walkability in Liverpool

A 13,500 word thesis prepared in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Master of Civic Design awarded by the University of Liverpool. It investigates whether walkability varies in a pair of streets that otherwise meet the criteria aligned with high walkability, but differ as to whether they are disconnected–or “stopped off”–at one end. The … Continue reading

Open Letter to the FCC on Net Neutrality

I submitted this letter to the FCC on June 5, 2014 in response to 14-28 Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet.   The Federal Communciations Commission (FCC) should not finalize this proposed rule. Despite the admirable name, this rule neither protects nor promotes an open internet. Rather, the rule grants internet service providers additional undue advantage … Continue reading

Photos of JFK

This story was written for Organizing for Action’s “Share Your Immigration Story” 7 February 2013. Photos of the Pope and JFK adorn the walls of my aunts and uncles in Ludlow, MA—the former because of a devout Catholic upbringing, and the latter because without JFK, my family could never have left Portugal. My great grandparents … Continue reading

South America, the Easiest Route to the World Cup Finals

On October 12, the United States squeaked by miniscule Antigua and Barbuda to keep U.S. World Cup qualifying on track. Despite American fans disappointment in the U.S. performance to-date, head coach Jürgen Klinsmann has said, “it is not easy qualifying” in CONCACAF, which begs the question: which confederation has the easiest route to qualifying for … Continue reading