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Washington Could Learn a Lot from a Golfer

This post was originally published on the Public Notice Research & Education Fund: Washington Could Learn a Lot Blog.

And no we’re not talking about the Presidential or House Speaker kind.  No, their “Golf Summit” experience doesn’t cut it. We need to look at professionals. And with the PGA Championship continuing through Sunday, now is the perfect time to learn from a real golfer.

See real golfers are worried about even the smallest uptick in their score. Losing that low-stroke consistency can spell the end of a career, and with it all of those wonderful endorsements. Of course Washington too has been consistent… in overspending! July marked year three of an over $1 trillion annual deficit.

A Golfer wallowing at that level would amaze spectators for his propensity to drive his ball into a nearby pond, retrieve it, and repeat ad naseum. That golfer, like Washington today would have forgotten his real goal: sinking the ball into the hole and creating an environment for jobs.

Onlookers and tour officials would be more than right for kicking him out of the elite club, as S&P did earlier this week with our credit rating. And if every golfer embraced that style of poor play like politicians embrace overspending, then fans would abandon the sport in droves, just as markets have plummeted in response to irresponsible politicking.

Politicians in Washington should learn from golfers who keep their scores low and consistent by cutting wasteful spending and producing sensible budgets… on time too would be nice.



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