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White House Looks to Axe 1,000 Government Websites

This post was originally published on the Public Notice: Bankrupting America Blog

In an effort to find and end wasteful spending, President Obama is looking to eliminate 1,000 government websites, reports The White House Blog. The move comes as a part of the Campaign to Cut Waste, launched earlier this week.

The blog indicates that most sites receiving the axe are “duplicate and unnecessary” and others are too limited in scope to need an individual address. The goal in eliminating them is to decrease “confusion and inefficiency,” while saving taxpayers the costs associated with their upkeep.

From The White House Blog:

While many government websites each deliver value to the taxpayer through easy-to-use services and information, an overall online landscape of literally thousands of websites – each focusing on a specific topic or organization – can create confusion and inefficiency.

In addition to confusing the public, duplicate and unnecessary websites also waste money. And while the costs for some of these websites may be relatively small, as President Obama also said in the video, “No amount of waste is acceptable. Not when it’s your money, not at a time when so many families are already cutting back.”

While the estimated savings have not been released, the effort is an encouraging step towards tackling waste, big or small.



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